Notifications for timer.

interface ref TimerNotify

Public Functions


Called with the the number of times the timer has fired since this was last called. Usually, the value of count will be 1. If it is not 1, it means that the timer isn't firing on schedule.

For example, if your timer is set to fire every 10 milliseconds, and count is 2, that means it has been between 20-29 milliseconds since the last time your timer fired. Non 1 values for a timer are rare and indicate a system under heavy load.

Return true to reschedule the timer (if it has an interval), or false to cancel the timer (even if it has an interval).

fun ref apply(
  timer: Timer ref,
  count: U64 val)
: Bool val




Called if the timer is cancelled. This is also called if the notifier returns false from its apply method.

fun ref cancel(
  timer: Timer ref)
: None val